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The brand new ebook for 2016 from Alexander Marsh. Inside you will find…

The Two Tenners – Introducing the ‘Subconscious Switch’ – a switch that happen in the spectators mind. This is Marsh’s unique and ingenious method for knowing the serial number of a spectator’s bank note.

37th Deception Revisited – You will love Alexander’s take on this force.

There’s A Rocket in My Pocket – A simple device and handling to very cleanly predict almost anything. 

No Peeking – What’s your star sign? Your date of birth? What day of the week is your birthday? Tell a complete stranger all of these things without peeking.

Yellow Square – A novel way to predict a freely chosen number.

The Brave & The Bold – “There is a lot of bold methods about these days. I don’t like bold methods. I like brave methods.“

Mentalism Up Close – An essay on close up Mentalism

Plus an Appendix featuring methods to perform a simple magic square, a prop-less star sign reveal, and a Day for Any Date formula.

Again Alex proves how to construct and present contemporary mentalism in such a way that is entertaining, clear, well thought through and unlike so many publications actually used in the real world. Alex has performed internationally but extensively throughout the UK as part of Champions of Magic. His creations are those of a man who does this stuff nightly for humans.
Marc Spellmann

Alexander Marsh brings a fresh new view to mentalism in his latest release ‘Head Wired’.
 I was fortunate enough to receive a pre-release copy of this book and I’ve been using effects from it ever since. There are no pipe dreams here. Just real world working material. I’m not going to go through each individual routine in here (although I could) instead let me pick on my favourite two effects:
 ‘There’s a Rocket in my Pocket’ is a wonderful routine allowing you to have predict a thought of word on a billet thats been in view the entire time. My issue with these type of routines is that many of them use a box or other bizarre gimmick to hold the billet in for ‘safe keeping’. Alexander has created a method that is so simplistic in both method and appearance. No boxes or awkward switches. You name a word and it is written on the piece of paper. That's as clean as mentalism should look.
 'No Peeking' went straight into my working set. This is, in my opinion, the best star sign reveal on the market! I have always been an advocate of Pete Turner’s 'Isabelle’s Star' and used it on a regular basis. 'No Peeking' changed that for me. As soon as you grasp the method you won’t be able to help yourself. You will want to use this.
 I’ll be honest with you, I could see myself using every single effect and routine in this book. In fact, I have put many of them into my working set already.
 If you weren’t convinced at this point Alexander’s approach to ‘Close-Up Mentalism’ is probably worth the price of the book. Taking time to explain why doing mentally flavoured magic isn’t the same as mentalism and how you can entertain at gigs with very little on you.
  As a mentalist when someone asks you to read their mind that’s exactly what you should be able to do instead of pulling out a deck of cards and doing a magic trick with a thought of card. Alexander explains how he does this and how by doing real mentalism can lead to really strong moments for the guests.

In short, if you are a working mentalist, you need this book. You WILL use the material in it. Thank you Alexander for releasing this material.
 Jack Brister

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